The Intricate Journey of Property development

Behind each of Suacasa’s breathtaking property lies a journey of meticulous planning, creative vision, and unparalleled craftsmanship. From the initial stages of site selection to the final touches of interior finishes, the development process of our luxury properties is a captivating story of innovation and attention to detail. In this article, we  will unravel the intricate journey of luxury property development, offering you a deeper understanding of the steps that go into shaping our luxury homes. Property development is broken down into different stages and processes and we will delve briefly into each of these processes.

 Firstly, we have the pre-development stage which is the foundational phase of property development and it creates the trajectory of the entire project. The pre-development stage involves key processes aimed at assessing the viability of the project. Here, we carry out a comprehensive feasibility analysis, this involves evaluating the financial feasibility of the project by estimating costs, potential revenues and expected profit. We consider factors such as construction cost, land acquisition expenses, financing cost and anticipated market values. This analysis helps us determine whether or not the project aligns with the set investment goals.

Still under the pre-development stage we carry out a thorough market research to ensure we are in line with the market demand. Making profit in property development is heavily dependent on meeting the market demand.  Market research entails studying the current property market trends, understanding buyer preferences and identifying the gaps in supply and demand. The Market research enables us develop properties that match the needs of our potential buyers.

Site selection is also a crucial part of the pre-development stage and factors such as accessibility, proximity to amenities and future growth potential are taken into cognisance.

The next phase os property development is the Design and planning stage. This stage is pivotal in property development because it sets the foundation for the entire project. In this stage we transform the initial concept into detailed plans and also obtain the necessary approvals to move forward. We take the initial concept and turn them into comprehensive blueprints to guide the construction process.  The process begins with conceptualising the project design. We work hand in hand with architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, surveyors and civil engineers to create preliminary design concepts that captures our desires in terms of aesthetics, functionality and the purpose.

After the initial concept design is developed, we go ahead  to obtain the necessary approvals. We ensure we comply with Zoning regulations, building codes, environmental requirements and basically every rule guiding property development in the region. After the necessary approvals are gotten, a more detailed design of the project is created, and for this phase, we work closely with the architects, structural engineer, Mechanical engineers and other professionals  to create detailed blueprints that provide the precise specifications, measurements and technical details needed for construction. This includes architectural plans, structural drawings, as well as electrical and plumbing layouts of the project. As part of the pre-development stage, a solid financial plan is created which is a comprehensive budget that accounts for various project element. We also partner with a reputable contractor, as well as subcontractors. 

After the contractor selection and contract negotiations are done, we move right into the construction of the property. For the construction phase, we have several processes that are strictly followed to ensure the project’s structural integrity, safety and adherence to design specifications.   

We do a proper site preparation which involves the clearing of debris, vegetation or any existing structure.  Proper grading is also carried out to ensure proper drainage and and prevent water accumulation that could cause foundation issues. 

After the site preparation, we move to the construction of the foundation. With the nature of our projects and soil conditions in Lagos, the construction of deep piles is essential. Piling (the process of boring pile foundations into the ground) is important in high-rise projects because it helps transfer the loads from the structure to the ground, thereby giving the perfect support to this properties. Pile tests are also carried out to ensure the adequacy of the piles before moving on to the next stage.

After the foundation is done, the actual building construction commences, and it begins with framing where structural elements like the columns, beams and walls are erected. We pay keen attention to this stage by ensuring the structural drawings are judiciously followed and that the right quality of materials are used to ensure that our projects are safe and of the best quality.

Walls, windows, the roof and also the flooring systems are installed here at various levels. The Electrical, plumbing and HVAC installations are done next and they are also installed with strict adherence to the drawings.  We also do a lot of quality control by  carrying out inspections to ensure that all the works done meet the industry standards, safety regulations and most importantly, the design specifications. Any errors or deviations from the drawings are addressed immediately to maintain quality and safety.

The last stage is the finishing stage and it involves meticulous attention to detail. We pay keen attention to both the exterior  and interior aspects of the project, and this is the stage where essential fixtures are installed as well as the final aesthetic touches.   The interior work includes the flooring and cabinetry installation, wall painting and ceiling treatments. We ensure to use skilled craftsmen to execute the finishing stage because the finishing contributes immensely to the overall beauty of the project. The exterior work is not left out in this stage either, we ensure that every detail of the exterior is given keen attention. utilities are also installed in this stage to ensure the property is fully equipped to be occupied.

In the completion stage, a thorough quality assurance process is carried out. This process involves thorough inspections of both the interior and exterior of the property, assessment of structural integrity, safety features, plumbing & electrical features, finishes & overall aesthetics to ensure they align with design specifications and quality standards. When all checks are done and considered satisfactory, then the property is ready for handover.

In conclusion, our journey of luxury property development is a testament to the dedication, creativity, and expertise of our extraordinary team. As we take you the journey behind the scenes, we would also love for you to get to our final destination by investing in our luxury properties because with Suacasa you get properties that guarantee you safety, quality and unparalleled luxury.

To be global leaders in the real estate industry; providing luxurious and habitable properties where people would want to buy, live and invest.

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